Lumavera’s Trilogy Special
Lumavera’s Trilogy Special

Lumavera’s Trilogy Special

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Lumavera’s revolutionary plant-cell technology in three powerful products so you can glow ear to ear.

This special bundle includes:

  • Skin Perfecting Peel, 30 ml/1 fl oz
Exfoliate, repair, revitalize
A highly effective self-neutralizing peel exfoliates dead cells in only 5 minutes for a radiant and healthy glow without flaking. Our Mucor Miehi Mushroom extract mimics your natural enzymes that revitalize and repair skin cells while our patented blend of antioxidants soothe, calm and create a flawless complexion.
  • Oxygenating Mask, 30 ml/1 fl oz
Detoxify, oxygenate and energize skin
Breathe life into your skin every week to oxygenate and repair skin cells for a brighter complexion. Mushroom enzymes work synergistically with vitamin-rich spinach, kale and Brussels sprouts to exfoliate and detoxify skin. Natural antioxidants in seaweed, kelp, algae and Superfruits lift, tighten and tone skin for an energized, youthful radiance.
  • Power Glow AHA/BHA Resurfacer, 30 ml/1 fl oz
Rejuvenates, hydrates, illuminates
PowerGlow combines 3 advanced technologies to reveal a smoother, more youthful complexion immediately and without irritation. Peptides deliver the regeneration benefits of retinol. Hyaluronic acid from Asian mushrooms and beets hydrates 400 times more than sodium hyaluronate. Natural AHAs and BHAs powered by time released Qusome Technology gently resurface skin cells.
12 month warranty